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crossdresser videoLooking for the very best in crossdresser videos and tranny DVDs? well if your anything like me I've always been disappointed with the stock level of local adult shops and frustrated with good crossdressing DVDs

Well those days have thankfully well left us with the introduction of crossdresser video on demand that offers us instant access to hundreds of great tranny porn and at a fraction of the price we would normally have to pay even if we could find crossdress videos titles in our local adult store

Let be honest when it comes to buying quality porn videos if your looking for the more minority titles or fetishes the adult shops really don't offer anything worthwhile, but this is not the case with video on demand (VOD)

Crossdress vod offers loads of great porn movies and as your either streaming or downloading them you have the added advantage of instant access ( if streaming ) and even better still total anonymous viewing so no one gets to see what you've been watching, so no more hiding crossdress DVDS in cupboards hoping the wife will never find it

What is Crossdresser vod ( video on demand)

If you're new to VOD it can seem a little confusing but trust me its really not and posted below a rough overview on how to watch videos on your PC

VOD works by transmitting porn videos via the internet directly onto your pc offering high quality videos at a fraction of the price of buying videos and due to the fact that these videos are never sold it means all the titles you see displayed can be watched and your not left frustrated by "sold out" signs

Crossdresser vod works in 4 different ways depending on how you want to watch the video

  • Streaming - this offers instant viewing over 24hrs, 48hrs
  • PPV - where you can select a scene and watch the video by the minute
  • Download - where videos are downloaded onto your pc and can be viewed either 7/31 days
  • Download & burn to disk - videos are downloaded and burnt onto blank DVDR's and kept

All the above offer slightly different features and some crossdresser will prefer the instant access that streaming offers or others the DVD quality that the download or if your anything like me the options of jumping from video to video and just watching scenes that PPV can offer

Either way what you will find the that crossdressing video on demand offers is a selection of titles the likes of you've never seen before and instant access at t a fraction of the cost of buying crossdress DVDS

Features of using crossdress VOD

  • No monthly membership - you only pay for what you watch
  • Payment by credit cards
  • Instant access
  • Anonymous viewing of crossdress videos
  • no software downloads required - runs on either Windows media player or Real Player
  • No recurring billing
  • choice of viewing from streaming to download

Its easy to see why so many crossdressers are turning towards vod as a way of accessing porn videos ands posted on the right is an updated list of all the new videos we have for instant access with loads more film ready now to watch

And better still you can try this service out for very little outlay from as cheap as £2! to use the PPV method, so for £2 isn't it worth giving it a go, you can trust me you'll never look back and try any other way of watching crossdressing porn videos

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