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Meeting with UK crossdressers just got a lot more CDs tonight

local crossdresser advertsWhether your an admirer or another xdresser meeting with Uk crossdressers has never been so easy....but like most things you first need where to look and next how to do it

The where to look is the easy part as currently your on the biggest crossdressing personals website with thousands of members meeting up every day ...the how...well that takes a little bit more time, but thats just why we are here to help YOU meet UK Crossdressers

The internet has opened the doors to crossdressers and admirers like to make easy contacts but finding the personals website you want to use is just half the battle the next starts by trying to make sure you put your best foot forward and get the member wanting to meet with you

Whilst many will think that crossdressers and transvestites are sat at there PCs just waiting for messages to come in and will jump for joy the moment they get a bit of attention..well I can tell you thats NOT the case as our members get loads of messages and its a case of making sure you tick all the boxes to insure they will respond to your message

This means putting some effort in and not just a case of throwing up some lame personals advert then sending a message to some hot CD asking for a shag me it won't work and the only thing that you'll find is a few weeks down the lines you'll be frustrated and fed up that no one has responded to your advert ...the first part is your profile and below are some tips on putting a great personals advert online

  • Username - think about one thats easy to remember and short
  • Description - its the first thing cds / admirers will see when searching so make sure you put a good one " horny guy wanna shag" WRONG - " Guy from Portsmouth for local meets " ...much better
  • Personals advert - this is your chance to tell members about yourself it doesn't have to be huge but give members some details about your like, dislikes what your looking for, if you've got any kinks ( we all have ;oO) but don't just throw up some lame personals advert that a couple of lines normally ending with " really don't kow what to write lets meet for sex" ...a profile like that will show any crossdresser that you've got zero imagination and can't be arsed...what do you think that says about your bedroom fun as well! ...think about it its YOUR ad
  • Photos - cock photos only !! whilst these CDs may look like sexy females you do know they have a cock ;o) and it may well be bigger than yours ...Try putting some full body photos and if possible face photos as well

If you follow those basic tips above you'll have crossdressers responding to your messages and meeting up give you some idea below is direct access into all local contacts so that YOU can see what CD members are posting and then hopefully you'll join us and start having some fun with local members

Finding local crossdresser ads is EASY, FAST & soooo Horny!!!







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